Classical Sketch Portraits and Oil on Canvas Paintings by Oliver Harbour

can transform a photograph, into an exquisite work of art to be cherished for generations.

Oliver Harbour Studios have been transforming photographs into Oil on Canvas Paintings and Sketches for many years. During this time we have produced works to mark celebrations and special occasions,  pieces for loss and remembrance as well as original and fantasy works . All our commissioned works tell a story; a story as unique and treasured as the subject depicted.


It can take over 8 weeks to produce a finished Oil Painting, which is why Oliver Harbour Studios take so much care with consultation and composition to ensure the commissioner is paramount at every stage.

Wedding Invitations


Stand out from the crowd with a unique hand sketched wedding invitation.


Oliver Harbour Studios can work with an existing photograph or provide you with a photo-shoot to get the perfect image.


The original sketch will be yours to keep and we will provide you with a digital copy for printing.

Celebration Invitations


All special occasions should begin with an invitation. That invitation can be a memento in its own right.


Oliver Harbour Studios can transform something personal and make it unique, from Christenings to Birthday celebrations.


Custom-drawn invitations add a touch of anticipation to any occasion.

To commission a work of art, or ask a question please fill in our contact form.

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